Footbike World Championships 2018


We would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way or who participated in the Footbike World Championships 2018. We look back at a very sporty, fun and successful weekend. Thank you for being there!

The organization.


Stepteam Twente proudly announces that it will be hosting the Footbike World Championships 2018 in the Netherlands. We welcome you from July 19th to 22nd in the town of Losser in the region of Twente, the Netherlands. Stepteam Twente will organize this event together with the Dutch Footbike Association NAF (Nederlandse Autoped Federatie) and the International Kicksled & Scooter Association (IKSA).

The program

Footbikers from all over the world will compete in the following disciplines:

  • Sprint – July 20th
  • Criterium – July 21st
  • Relay – July 21st
  • Endurance – July 22nd

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You can also contact the organisation at: footbikeworldchampionships2018@gmail.com