How to get there

How to get there

From Schiphol Airport by public transport

If you arrive at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (AMS) and want to travel by train (operated by NS, the Dutch railways), goto NS planner and plan your journey from Schiphol Airport to Enschede.

Note that some conductors of NS may require you to buy a Day ticket for a bicycle. Regulations are not clear about foot bikes, so better be on the safe side. See Bringing a bicycle onto the train. Just don’t mention the word ‘scooter’, this may trigger alarm bells because scooter in dutch has a different meaning and a ‘dutch scooter’ is not allowed on the train.

From Enschede to Losser

Traveling from Centraal Station Enschede to Losser by foot bike is roughly 11 km. So this is a nice opportunity to stretch your legs! For directions, see Google bicycle directions from Enschede to Losser

Should you consider going by bus, go to the website to plan you journey. The following link can help as an example: Station Enschede to bus stop Langenkamp in Losser. From bus stop Langenkamp, walk 100 meters to the south to get to sports hall De Fakkel.

We welcome you at sports hall De Fakkel in Losser! Opened on 19 July from 16:00, opened all day on the other days during the event.

From Germany by public transport

For those coming from Germany, note that the DB operates a regional train (Regional Bahn, RB) from Gronau to Centraal Station Enschede. As far as we know, this train accepts bicycles. See above how to get from Enschede to Losser.

Additional Information on which German trains take bicycles can be found here.

Traveling by car

Use the following link to get navigation to sports hall De Fakkel in Losser (Google navigation):
De Fakkel in Losser

Or for any other sat nav device, enter address:
Gronausestraat 109

Car park
We advice you to park your car during the event at the car park at (Google navigation):
Bookholtlaan 2 in Losser
Or address:
Bookholtlaan 2

Note that the centre of Losser restricts parking to 1.5 hours, requiring a parking disc. These zones are marked with signs and/or blue linings. See this image for an example of a sign. Start/finish locations of criterium, relay and marathon are part of the ‘blue’ zone. De Fakkel and car park at Bookholtlaan are not part of this zone.