Race tracks

Race tracks of the Footbike World Championships 2018

Information about the tracks

All tracks are on paved roads and essentially flat, but read below for specific details for each track.

The Sprint track runs straight for 400 meters on a tarmac road. Over the course of the track, there is a small descent of roughly 1 meter. Two speed bumps on the track have rising and falling gradients of only a few centimeters per meter, you will barely notice this.

Both the Criterium and Relay tracks are partly tarmac, but mostly brick road. At some places, there are lowered drain covers and other small potholes. The organization will make sure they are sufficiently evened. Nonetheless, we advice your footbike frame to have minimum 30 mm clearance under the footboard. During wet conditions the bricks may turn slippery, so a word of advice to have some profile on your tires, just in case.

The Marathon track is mainly tarmac, with a few brick roads in the center of Losser. Speed bumps exist on this route. They are steeper than the ones on the Sprint track, lower frames may occasionally hit these bumps. Again, drain covers and potholes will be sufficiently evened. Altitude of this track varies between 32 and 44 meters. See the altitude profiles below.

Download of the gpx files of all 4 tracks

Tracks map

Click one of the 4 colored tracks to see more details about the track. Note that the small pink line indicates the route to the start of the sprint.

Altitude profiles